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An insurance agent is a person who works for a client. Why, you ask, is an agent even needed today when you can just pop on the internet and buy a policy direct from the company? Because the company is there to sell you the policy, not to explain the little details about the coverage or answer all the weird questions about your drug formulary, or go over the difference between the deductible and the out of pocket max, all that stuff.

That is what the agent does. That is what I do. And you know what? We donít charge for our services. Our clients never have to write us a check. If we get paid for the policies we write, itís a commission from the insurance company. Not cash from our clients, and honestly I like it that way.

The most important thing I have learned in the insurance industry is that an insurance agent, broker, producer, whatever you call us, is a resource that the average Joe just doesnít know is available to him. I got into this business because the job I was in was changing in a way I didnít like. The ability to help my customers was being stripped away in the name of speed. I was asked by my husband ďWhat is your WHY, why do you do what you do?Ē I help people, I grease the skids, I answer questions, I problem solve and Iím good at it. Insurance, specifically Health Insurance and Medicare, were a sweet fit. Now I can help people again. Every day I have the chance to make a difference in someoneís life, get them health insurance they never thought they could afford and finally see a doctor, or help them take the next big step into their retirement by helping them with their Medicare questions and enrollment.

I am there to be the advocate of the client. If someone is frustrated, or angry or confused, I have the training and experience to help. As an agent I will do the heavy lifting for my client. Iíll wait on hold with Social Security or the Washington Health Exchange or whomever, for 3 hours so you donít have to. Iíll call the billing department of the local hospital to find out why you got a bill for $700 when it should have been a $10 copay. Iíll call the insurance company to help appeal a denial on a procedure that you desperately need. Agents know the questions to ask and weíll ask everyone necessary until we get what we need. Weíll do what it takes to make sure you have the answer to your questions.

Iím Suzie McColm, Iím an Insurance Agent. I have answers and Iím here to help you.

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